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Maintenance/ Corrective Works

Maintenance or corrective work can also be called remedial work. This work is following up from the previous inspections and testing clients have had completed. After the testing has been completed you will be provided with a report detailing the technical work that has been undertaken. The report will be a colour coded list of observations of which will make it easy to identify the differences in work for the future. It also gives you an idea of the timescale that each problem must be complete.


In a recent questionnaire of 400 businesses that had testing done, appallingly, over 50% confess that no remedial work had been undertaken following that testing.

Laws and Regulations

All our remedial work is carried out to the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) to ensure that your electrical systems are free from problems which may cause fire or injury.


Complying with this, reduces risk of accidents in the establishment and complies with the legislation. If you don’t comply, the results can be devastating, for example fires breaking out which may lead to costly results to your building and injury to occupants.


  • The building becomes safe for use and is compliant with the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671).


  • This service will identify the possibility of any problems occurring in the future through the colour coded recommended repairs.


  • You can cut costs from ensuring the remedial work is complete.


  • We have engineers spread across the UK and five offices to ensure we are responsive to customer needs.

Added Value

  • Our engineers are flexible with their work schedule and can work evenings and weekends to meet your schedules and requirements so that minimal disruption is caused to your operations.

Tasks/Stages Involved

This can be a range of works performed by our remedial team, usually these works follow on from the fixed wire testing that has been performed by our engineers.

Questions & Answers

Will this service disrupt the running of my business?


This is possible; however, it depends on which services are carried out during the visit and the condition of the electrical circuits and appliances that are being serviced. For example, a faulty wire that is being repaired may require the electrics being turned off. Our engineers are aware that businesses need to run as normal, therefore they will try and prevent disruption wherever they can.


If there are issues with any of the services, is this covered during remedial work?


Yes, any issues that are found during any of the service inspections can be fixed in our remedial service.

During the course of our electrical inspections, items which may be considered to be hazardous to health are sometimes identified. Lantei offer the ability to rectify these, and provide certificates issued for health and safety records.